Testing Ecto

April 13, 2007

Since at the moment this blog is unused, I’m going to use it to test and hopefully hone my skills with two different blog programs. Ecto and MarsEdit. I have tried these in the past, but haven’t really picked them up too much.

So here’s my first entry with Ecto. I’ve read somewhere that Ecto has some problems if you try to re-edit entries (or maybe that’s MarsEdit) so I guess I have to get this right the first time.

One difference between the two programs is that I have a Rich Text Editor in Ecto whilst if I use Mars Edit I can only write in html. Which is good IF i was more knowledgeable in that area.

At this current stage this blog is still in it’s very very early stages (alpha if you will) so I will be updating at very irregular intervals, usually with pretty pointless topics.

I shall submit this site to my Technorati and Del.icio.ous to see how this site picks up. In the near future I plan to import all of my Blogger entries (if possible) here even if I do keep using Blogger as my primary blog just so it’ll be easier to make the switch should I decide to.

For now just keep checking out my blogger http://mattlew.blogspot.com which is updated every Sunday. See you there!


Have just imported everything from Blogger to here. Everything seemed to go smoothly except for my Digg buttons which haven’t seemed to be imported. Probably a coding difference between WordPress and Blogger, but would have been nice if they were included.

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April 11, 2007

Having a Blogger account I’ve heard great things about Word Press. So if you’ve come across this post, it means that you’ve either gone through my archive, or have stumbled upon this site. Welcome to The Office Of Thoughts. If you HAVE managed to come here by chance and this page isn’t ready yet, by all means check out my actual (for the moment) site here.


Windows On Mac OS X

April 8, 2007

One of the main features of the new Macs that Apple tries to sell to people thinking about switching is the ability to run Windows on the Mac OS X operating system. Apple hopes that people who are only staying with Windows because of the software can move away from that and get a Mac with a security blanket. (The ability to run Windows)

There are two main ways to run Windows. Through Parallels or Boot Camp. (Although you can run SOME software through a program called Crossover, but I’ll go into that next week) There are a few main differences between Parallels and Boot Camp.

Parallels is shareware and runs Windows in a “virtual” environment, meaning that it pretend that a computer is running inside your computer. Therefore, this allows users to work both in the Mac OS X and Windows at the same time.

However, as you are running two operating systems at the same time, they must share resources, making your computer slower (especially if you don’t have enough RAM). Also in it’s current stage, Parallels doesn’t support 3D acceleration, meaning no games.

Boot Camp on the other hand, is a free beta available from Apple’s website. The advantages of Boot Camp is that you have full access to the computers resources, therefore allowing it to run at full speed. You also have pretty much no limitations so your computer will become exactly like your friends Windows computer, allowing you to do everything he/she does. (Games, Windows Only Software etc.) But since you can do everything a Windows computer can, you’re also open to all the dangers of a Windows computer. (Viruses, Spyware)

In order to run Boot Camp you have to reboot your computer and hold down “option” when it’s booting up again. You then select which partition of your HD you want to boot into. Your Mac one or Windows.

It must be noted though, that whichever way you decide to go, you must purchase your own copy of Windows to install, meaning running Windows isn’t cheap. Also if you want to use Boot Camp you must have Windows XP SP2 or more recently, Windows Vista. (With the latest 1.2 release)

Parallels has a free trial which is avaliable for download from here. http://www.parallels.com/en/products/desktop/ Boot Camp can be downloaded from Apple’s website. http://www.apple.com/macosx/bootcamp/

SMARTReporter Review

April 1, 2007

SMARTReporter is one of those programs on my Macbook that I don’t even remember I’m running unless I open the Activity Monitor. I think this is the way it is with most people who use it. You see, SMARTReporter is a program that you don’t realise is as important as it is until you need it. But what does it do that makes it so important?

SMARTReporter is a program that runs in the background of you computer and constantly checks your HD to make sure everything is going well, and if it’s not, you have time to either back everything up before a crash or find a way to fix the problem. When SMARTReporter detects that something is wrong, it will alert you with the problem so that you won’t be working away with a damaged HD in your computer. You can also choose to display a status of your HD in your Menu Bar, but I don’t think that’s necessary unless you know something may be wrong with your HD and want to check on the status all the time.

I recommend that everyone get this program, as you’ll be grateful you did if anything does go wrong with your system. Better safe than sorry.

Macbook, Netgear and the WEP Key

March 25, 2007


There has been a very common issue with new Macbook users and wireless internet. If the user has a Netgear router (in my case a DG834G wireless router) and uses a WEP key, when setting up a new connection they simply cannot connect to the internet as their WEP key isn’t accepted, no matter how many unsuccessful tries.

What’s amazing is that the “fix” is actually quite simple, but something almost no-one could figure out on their own. All the user needs to do, is just put a $ in front of the WEP key when they type it. No hacks, no drivers, just a simple $.

iClip 4

March 24, 2007

If you constantly copy and paste files, you’ll find it annoying when you constantly need to refer to certain file, website or text and think that it’s annoying going back and forth copying every single thing you need. Enter iClip. iClip is a fantastic little program that allows you to store things that you copied into the program for further reference without having to go back and find the source.

For example, you’re searching for a present and find a lot of little websites that you want to save for future reference. Just copy each url and input it into iClip. Easy as pie. Then when you want the url again, either copy it back from iClip or double click on where it’s stored and it will automatically open up in your browser.

For those of you who don’t like having a program sitting on your desktop, there’s iClip Lite which is a dashboard version of iCip. This works pretty much in the same way, except it hides neatly on your dashboard, ready to be called up when needed.

Both iClip and iClip Lite are available for download and purchase (iClip Lite is free) from http://inventive.us/

Yojimbo and Journler

March 17, 2007


I mainly use two apps to organise my personal and school life. These are Yojimbo from BareBones software and Journler. They are both programs which store information and are often compared against each other about which program to use. Yojimbo is around $53 AUD and Journler is donationware.

But which to use over the other? I tried for a while to figure out which is better to use for school and to organise my life. Journler is probably the better one if you could only use one, but if you can, I say get both. I use Yojimbo to organise my personal information, and Journler for school work. (Taking notes, writing essays) Journler is so good that it’s even replaced Microsoft Word and Pages! Yojimbo has the nice F8 feature and docktab which are both quick ways of inputing data into Yojimbo without having to directly open up the Yojimbo interface, which is very minimalistic and simple. Fits in great with the Mac GUI. Yojimbo also has the option of storing Serials, Bookmarks and Websites very simply which makes it great for organising any little snippets that you may want to refer to later on.

Journler is currently in BETA 2.5 but the developers reccomend that you download the BETA since it’s basically a finished product (there has been 2 updates in a few days) and with the final 2.5 due around mid-March, so not too far around the corner. Get it here.

Yojimbo just released version 1.4.2 which had a very minor update, but it’s the latest release none the less. You can check it our and grab a 30 day trial from the website here.