On second thoughts

May 9, 2007

Wow, I really jump around. After a week an a bit without looking at this blog, I’ve found out that it’s been indexed much better by google than my other blog. This is a big surprise seeing as how I haven’t really been using it.

So I’m back on considering using this as my primary blog. I’ll put the pro’s and con’s.

– Better index
– Nicer layout
– More professional name

– Can’t use Google Analytics (which I love because I can check it on dashboard)
– Can’t add extra code without paying extra
– Better suited to people who own their own domain.
– Digg buttons don’t work properly.

So there I have it. Pro’s and Con’s of using this blog. But I still can’t decide. I would love to use this, but the inability to use Google Analytics and Digg properly is keeping me from doing it.

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Over to Blogger

May 4, 2007

For those who have read this blog, I’ve been finding out if I should use WordPress or Blogger. For now, because of a few reasons, I think I’ll stick with Blogger. Not to say I won’t keep this blog, but just because blogging on two blogs takes up a bit of time.

Don’t get me wrong, WordPress is awesome, but I think it’d be better for me if I actually had my own domain.

So from now on, until I post back here, my default blog will be


Keyboard Launchers Article

April 22, 2007

The wonderful thing about the Mac operating system is that developers are constantly updating ways to help improve the way it works. One popular method of improving the Mac operating system is through programs called launchers, that help launch applications and do various things in shorter ways than normal.

These launchers are either centered around the keyboard or the mouse. In this article I’ll be focusing on two of the main keyboard programs. These are Quicksilver and Launchbar. Both extremely similar in function there has been a lot of argument over which is better. (Just Google it and you’ll see) Both open up through a keyboard hot-key (default ctrl – space) where a series of key strokes can be pressed. Once these have been put into the program, a number of items will appear (usually an application) upon which the user can hit enter and have that application open. But almost any file can be altered using this method such as documents, contacts or bookmarks.

Sounds simple and it is. If all you want to do is open applications, then you could pretty much use either program with ease and enjoy it. Although I should probably point out that LaunchBar is shareware and Quicksilver Freeware, making Quicksilver the preferred option if you’re on a budget. Where the two programs start to separate and fight it out is in the smaller details.

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I’ll admit straight away that I haven’t use LaunchBar much. I’m a die hard Quicksilver fan. I’ve used it ever since I got my Macbook and have used it ever since. I only used LaunchBar when I decided I’d give something else a try, so I got the LaunchBar trial. When I started playing around with it, I didn’t really like it. It “seemed” to be slower, and I’ll emphasise seemed. It took up too much space on the desktop and the commands seemed to be easier to execute in Quicksilver. Pretty much everything that can be done in LaunchBar can be done in Quicksilver, and in most cases better.


Quicksilver has a large variety of different plug-ins for different programs and you can designate what to do with files just with you keyboard and a few commands. Want to move a file to a different folder? Easy. Just press ctrl – space, type in a few characters of the file, press tab and type move to, then choose your folder. Pretty simple and that’s where the power of Quicksilver lies. I believe LaunchBar can also do this, but it’s just the different things that Quicksilver can do with different programs (ala plug-ins) that makes it stand out. Plus it’s free, so there’s really no reason not to give it a try.
LaunchBar is available from obdev from http://www.obdev.at/products/launchbar/index.html and Quicksilver from BlackTree http://quicksilver.blacktree.com/

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Testing MarsEdit

April 13, 2007

I’ve used MarsEdit more than Ecto since Ecto didn’t work too well with my Blogger, but now that I’m using WordPress, I think I’ll stick with Ecto.

Don’t get me wrong, MarsEdit is an amazing program, but I’m not proficient enough with html to be able to make the most of it. What’s great is the preview feature which lets me preview the html I’m typing in real time, which is really handy when I want to put images or links into my posts.

But MarsEdit is more for the Pro’s, so for now, Ecto it is.

Testing Ecto

April 13, 2007

Since at the moment this blog is unused, I’m going to use it to test and hopefully hone my skills with two different blog programs. Ecto and MarsEdit. I have tried these in the past, but haven’t really picked them up too much.

So here’s my first entry with Ecto. I’ve read somewhere that Ecto has some problems if you try to re-edit entries (or maybe that’s MarsEdit) so I guess I have to get this right the first time.

One difference between the two programs is that I have a Rich Text Editor in Ecto whilst if I use Mars Edit I can only write in html. Which is good IF i was more knowledgeable in that area.

At this current stage this blog is still in it’s very very early stages (alpha if you will) so I will be updating at very irregular intervals, usually with pretty pointless topics.

I shall submit this site to my Technorati and Del.icio.ous to see how this site picks up. In the near future I plan to import all of my Blogger entries (if possible) here even if I do keep using Blogger as my primary blog just so it’ll be easier to make the switch should I decide to.

For now just keep checking out my blogger http://mattlew.blogspot.com which is updated every Sunday. See you there!


Have just imported everything from Blogger to here. Everything seemed to go smoothly except for my Digg buttons which haven’t seemed to be imported. Probably a coding difference between WordPress and Blogger, but would have been nice if they were included.

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April 11, 2007

Having a Blogger account I’ve heard great things about Word Press. So if you’ve come across this post, it means that you’ve either gone through my archive, or have stumbled upon this site. Welcome to The Office Of Thoughts. If you HAVE managed to come here by chance and this page isn’t ready yet, by all means check out my actual (for the moment) site here.