iClip 4

March 24, 2007

If you constantly copy and paste files, you’ll find it annoying when you constantly need to refer to certain file, website or text and think that it’s annoying going back and forth copying every single thing you need. Enter iClip. iClip is a fantastic little program that allows you to store things that you copied into the program for further reference without having to go back and find the source.

For example, you’re searching for a present and find a lot of little websites that you want to save for future reference. Just copy each url and input it into iClip. Easy as pie. Then when you want the url again, either copy it back from iClip or double click on where it’s stored and it will automatically open up in your browser.

For those of you who don’t like having a program sitting on your desktop, there’s iClip Lite which is a dashboard version of iCip. This works pretty much in the same way, except it hides neatly on your dashboard, ready to be called up when needed.

Both iClip and iClip Lite are available for download and purchase (iClip Lite is free) from http://inventive.us/