On second thoughts

Wow, I really jump around. After a week an a bit without looking at this blog, I’ve found out that it’s been indexed much better by google than my other blog. This is a big surprise seeing as how I haven’t really been using it.

So I’m back on considering using this as my primary blog. I’ll put the pro’s and con’s.

– Better index
– Nicer layout
– More professional name

– Can’t use Google Analytics (which I love because I can check it on dashboard)
– Can’t add extra code without paying extra
– Better suited to people who own their own domain.
– Digg buttons don’t work properly.

So there I have it. Pro’s and Con’s of using this blog. But I still can’t decide. I would love to use this, but the inability to use Google Analytics and Digg properly is keeping me from doing it.

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3 Responses to On second thoughts

  1. Erik says:

    I use Google Analyticator to run Google Analytics on my WP blog. It has worked flawlessly for me, but I’m not using WordPress.com to host the blog. I’m not sure if it works with WordPress.com hosting or not.

    If you haven’t seen it already, here’s the link: http://cavemonkey50.com/code/google-analyticator/

  2. KarSub says:

    Hi.. I saw your post regarding an FTP username and password on another site. Did you find out how you can do it? Please let me know. I just downloaded Filezilla hoping to do something (anything) to my site, and now I can’t connect to it

  3. KarSub says:

    Could you post back on my blog if you have the answer please?

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