Testing Ecto

Since at the moment this blog is unused, I’m going to use it to test and hopefully hone my skills with two different blog programs. Ecto and MarsEdit. I have tried these in the past, but haven’t really picked them up too much.

So here’s my first entry with Ecto. I’ve read somewhere that Ecto has some problems if you try to re-edit entries (or maybe that’s MarsEdit) so I guess I have to get this right the first time.

One difference between the two programs is that I have a Rich Text Editor in Ecto whilst if I use Mars Edit I can only write in html. Which is good IF i was more knowledgeable in that area.

At this current stage this blog is still in it’s very very early stages (alpha if you will) so I will be updating at very irregular intervals, usually with pretty pointless topics.

I shall submit this site to my Technorati and Del.icio.ous to see how this site picks up. In the near future I plan to import all of my Blogger entries (if possible) here even if I do keep using Blogger as my primary blog just so it’ll be easier to make the switch should I decide to.

For now just keep checking out my blogger http://mattlew.blogspot.com which is updated every Sunday. See you there!


Have just imported everything from Blogger to here. Everything seemed to go smoothly except for my Digg buttons which haven’t seemed to be imported. Probably a coding difference between WordPress and Blogger, but would have been nice if they were included.

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  1. but your much on my mind, you often get declin. Andreina Cecilio.

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